Hearing controls for Thrive app

Get to know options that allow you to customize your sound to your exact preferences.

Additional tips

  • Control your hearing aids using voice commands

    Watch how to use voice commands to control your hearing aids.

  • Using Auto On/Off

    See how to activate the Auto On/Off capabilities of your hearing aids.

  • Controlling volume

    Learn how to use the Thrive app to control your hearing aids’ volume.

    Learn how
  • Activating Edge Mode

    Learn how to turn Edge Mode on and off on your hearing aids.

    Learn how
  • Using SoundSpace

    Watch how to use SoundSpace to personalize the sound in different Thrive memories.

  • Using Tap Control

    See how to activate Tap Control and modify it to your preferences.

  • Using IntelliVoice

    Watch how to activate and use the IntelliVoice speech enhancement feature.

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