Six ways Evolv AIs are more than just hearing aids

At Starkey, the driving force behind what we do is the belief that when you hear better, you live better. It’s why our primary goal is to always build the best hearing aid possible.

But as technology crossover is becoming more and more prevalent in consumer electronics (think smartphones and smart TVs, for instance) we didn’t want to stop with just giving you the best sounding hearing aid.

Wearable, health-and-wellness-focused technology has grown in popularity over the last few years, and we wanted to make something that was comfortable, durable, and user friendly. Thus, the healthable hearing aid was born.

Evolv AI — the latest version of our first-to-market hearing aids with integrated sensors — was designed to provide excellent sound quality for the listener, help the wearer get a larger picture of their overall health, and help offload some daily cognitive tasks to make their day-to-day life easier to manage.


Here are six of my favorite health and wellness features of Evolv AI

  1. Thrive Assistant — Think Amazon Alexa but built into your hearing aids. Ask questions and get answers without having to dig out your smart phone. set reminders for yourself using only your voice. And make changes to your devices in a hands-free fashion.
  2. Transcriptions — Ever go somewhere that you wish you could take notes but don’t want to be playing on your phone? Transcription through your hearing aids will live type what is being said, and then allows you to save and share what was transcribed.
  3. Reminders — Both visual and auditory reminders of a task can be set up. Reminders can be a one-and-done set up, or can be used to manage recurring tasks, like taking prescriptions daily, or scheduling appointments.
  4. Wellness Score — In conjunction with the Thrive Hearing Control app, the Wellness Score gives the wearer data on their steps and activity level, as well as measures social engagement — all to provide help maintaining their physical and mental well-being.
  5. Fall Detection If the wearer experiences a fall-related event, they have the ability to designate up to three different people who can be contacted when that event occurs. These contacts will then receive a tag with the location of the fall and can figure out how best to proceed in helping the wearer after the fall.
  6. 2-Way Audio Streaming — Our newest feature allows Apple wearers to have handsfree calling through their hearing aids. Use your phone to make and receive calls, but then you don’t need to hold the phone during the conversation!

Interested in learning more about Evolv AI? Type your zip code in here and you will generate a list of authorized hearing care professionals and audiologists near you who can demonstrate these versatile “healthable” hearing aids!


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By Keeley Layfield, Au.D.