Our most high-tech hearing aids are also our easiest to use

Today’s best hearing aids, like our Evolv AI devices, have become very technology forward. This may seem daunting, especially if you are not comfortable around evolving technology. Between streaming, remote control features, accessories and more, it’s understandable if people feel intimidated wearing hearing aids and managing all their features in day-to-day life.

But the truth is, today’s technology is specifically engineered to make wearing and using hearing aids fool proof. Yes, they’re leaps and bounds more sophisticated than ever before — but at the same time, they’re more effortless than ever to use.

Here are a few ways Evolv AI are designed to simplify hearing aid technology:

  1. Sound Quality – Evolv AI hearing aids are adapting to the environment 55 million times per hour. This means you don’t have to constantly “play with” and adjust the aids every time you change listening environments or activities. Instead, the hearing aids adjust automatically for you.
  2. Edge Mode – No matter how well set up your hearing aids are, sometimes you encounter situations you weren’t expecting. Our proprietary and popular Edge Mode feature was made for those situations, optimizing your environment for both clarity and audibility with just the push of a button.
  3. No Smartphone Needed – Pairing your Evolv AI hearing aids with our Thrive Hearing Control companion app is the best way to maximize their many benefits — but it’s not necessary to enjoy their superior sound quality. Evolv AI’s sound processing and noise management technologies are built into the device itself, and will provide exceptional sound quality even with no smartphone or other accessory.
  4. Streaming – For people who are looking for smartphone connectivity (for phone calls and other uses), Evolv AI features direct connections to over 34 Apple devices and 56 Android devices. This makes streaming directly to smartphones possible without any additional devices or accessories.
  5. User-friendly App – If you do want to pair your Evolv AIs with our Thrive app, we offer two different use modes:
    • Basic — for wearers who are looking for a simplified and streamlined app experience, like remote control functionality.
    • Advanced — for wearers who are looking for advanced features like translations, reminders and fitness and health monitoring.
  6. Accessories — Starkey’s line of wireless accessories are designed to pair easily and fit seamlessly into your daily life — to provide additional listening benefits in challenging situations.
  7. Dedicated Help Line – Our consumer tech support team is available M-F, 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. CST to assist with pairing of devices and other technology questions that may arise.

At Starkey, we understand that taking charge of your hearing health can be daunting. With Evolv AI and our network of experienced, dedicated hearing care professionals, we’ve made it effortless.

Interested in learning more about Evolv AI? Type your zip code in here and you will find a list of authorized hearing care professionals near you who can demonstrate just how unintimidating and user-friendly these high-tech hearing aids are.


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By Keeley Layfield, Au.D.