Starkey Hearing Technologies Synergy Platform is Life Changing

“Dear world, I don’t think you understand. These hearing aids and the professionals who fit them are life-­‐changing!”

MINNEAPOLIS (August 29, 2016) — Starkey® Hearing Technologies, one of the world’s leading hearing technology companies, is pleased to share the incredible success of our Synergy® platform technology and announce our next development to help more patients hear better and live betterTM. Synergy is approved by professionals, enjoyed by patients and powers our Muse™ wireless hearing aids. Driven by our quad core twin compressor technology — the first of its kind in the industry — our hearing aids have been received by patients and professionals alike as game changers.

“Since launching Synergy in March, we’ve been awed at the overall success of the launch and how well the products have been received by our hearing professionals and our patients,” said Starkey Hearing Technologies’ Vice President of Education and Audiology Sara Burdak. “Synergy has allowed to us to provide patients with so many of the things they’ve asked for in hearing aids: sleek, discreet hearing aid styles; high-­‐definition ear-­‐to-­‐ear streaming; relief from tinnitus; no feedback; high-­‐quality sound in noise; and the ability to connect with the other technology in their lives.”

Synergy and our new ultra-­‐high definition operating system, Acuity™ OS, enable multiple sounds such as speech and music to be processed uniquely. For the first time, speech is crisp and distinct, ambient sounds are natural and music is rich and immersive, even in complex listening environments.

Here are just a few of the positive things people are saying about our Synergy platform hearing aids:

  • “I just heard my colleague whisper to my deaf side in a crowded room. Do you know when that happened last? NEVER!”
  • “I’m hearing better across the table in a loud environment than normal hearing colleagues.”
  • “The most natural sounding device I have ever worn.”
  • “Absolutely no feedback, even with a phone.”

Music Sounds Like Music Again
A unique music prescription developed with input from both professional musicians and current hearing aid wearers, ensures musical listening is clear, crisp and enjoyable. The new prescription is designed to accommodate music’s dynamic acoustics and spectral characteristics. A higher sampling rate also extends the hearing aid’s bandwidth up to 10kHz, enabling music to sound richer and fuller.

“The best part is the music,” one hearing aid wearer said. “I’ve been given my music back! I’m hearing notes I haven’t heard in years! I don’t consider these devices to be hearing aids — I consider them my own personal, private sound system.”

Extending the Success of Synergy with Muse BTE 13
We are pleased to announce that on August 29, we will be adding a Muse BTE 13 to the family. The brand-­‐new Muse BTE 13 includes all the best-­‐in-­‐class features of our Muse wireless hearing aids along with a rocker switch and telecoil. It is also available in a CROS System option for those with single-­‐sided hearing loss.

“Including a BTE 13 in the Muse family means that we are able to provide more options for patients and ensure that better hearing is available for a variety of hearing losses,” said Burdak. “Every patient is fit uniquely, and the BTE 13 offers all the great benefits of our Muse hearing aid technology with the added features of a rocker switch and telecoil.”

Highlighted benefits of Muse hearing aids include:

  • High-­‐definition ear-­‐to-­‐ear streaming
  • Unique processing of music apart from speech
  • A music memory that can be personalized for users’ listening desires
  • Tinnitus relief technology
  • Full line of custom and standard products
  • Compatibility with our complete line of SurfLink wireless accessories
  • Next-­‐generation feedback cancellation, adaptive noise management and directionality
  • Our next-­‐generation moisture and wax repellent technology Surface™ Nanoshield.

About Starkey Hearing Technologies
Starkey Hearing Technologies is a privately held, global hearing technology company headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. The company is recognized for its innovative design, development and distribution of comprehensive digital hearing systems. Founded in 1967, Starkey Hearing Technologies currently employs more than 4,800 people and operates 21 facilities and conducts business in more than 100 markets worldwide. The company develops, manufactures and distributes hearing aids via three distinct brands – Audibel, NuEar and its original brand, Starkey. For more information, visit