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    Find out what you can expect as you adjust to using your new hearing aids.

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  • Using your hearing aids

    Learn the basics about proper use so you get the most from your new hearing aids.

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  • Tips and advice

    Explore guidance to help maximize the benefits you experience from your hearing aids.

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  • Care and maintenance

    Learn how to clean and care for your hearing aids to enhance their performance.

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  • Battery and power

    Know how to replace batteries or use your charger so you’re always powered up.

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  • Remote help

    Understand how to run diagnostic checks on your hearing aids to help ensure their effectiveness or request real-time assistance.

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  • Hearing controls for Thrive app

    Get to know options that allow you to customize your sound to your exact preferences.

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  • Thrive health and information

    Find out how artificial intelligence can improve your health and simplify your life beyond your hearing.

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  • Stream calls, music and TV

    Discover functions like listening to phone calls or streaming media directly to your hearing aids.

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