Hearing aid battery care tips

These habits can help ensure you don’t run out of power.

Even the best hearing aids in the world will be of little use if they don’t have constant, reliable power. Apply these tips to get the most out of your batteries.

  • Store hearing aid batteries at normal room temperatures — do not refrigerate.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before changing batteries. Grease and dirt on the batteries may damage the hearing aid.
  • Leave the battery compartment of your hearing aid open at night so moisture can escape. Doing so will keep the battery from corroding and damaging the hearing aid.
  • Remove dead batteries immediately. A completely discharged battery may swell and become difficult to remove.
  • Hearing aid batteries often lose power suddenly, so it's smart to have an extra set of batteries nearby at all times.
  • To protect against discharging early, keep backup batteries away from coins, keys or other metal objects.