Maximizing hearing aid
battery life

Learn tips to prolong the life of your hearing aid batteries.

How long hearing aid batteries last depends on numerous variables: the type of hearing aid, its age, how much you stream, and whether you leave the battery doors open when not in use (power it down), just to name a few.

All hearing aid batteries begin draining once you remove the protective seal. However, there are things you can do to help prolong their life.

  • Wait five minutes once you’ve removed the seal before putting them in your hearing aids. Believe it or not, this activation time (letting the air mix with the battery’s zinc) can help extend the life of hearing aid batteries by a day or more.
  • Wash your hands before changing batteries. Grease and dirt are not good for the hearing aid, and can clog the air pores in the batteries.
  • Turn your hearing aids off or open the battery doors when not wearing them. You should always open the battery door at night to allow moisture to escape and to help keep the battery from corroding.
  • Take the battery out completely if you won’t be using the hearing aid for awhile. Simply store it next to your hearing aids in their case.
  • Avoid storing batteries and hearing aids in extreme temperatures, hot or cold. Storing hearing aid batteries at room temperature is always advised.