Cleaning your hearing aids

Here is how to clean and maintain your hearing aids.

We recommend that you clean your hearing aids daily. It is key to getting the most out of them. Just follow these simple steps to help ensure optimal performance, a longer lifespan, and to reduce the need for hearing aid repairs.

NOTE: Never use water, alcohol swabs or cleaning solvents on hearing aids. They can break down or damage your devices.

Recommended cleaning tools

  • Toothbrush or small, soft brush
  • Dry, soft cloth
  • Hearing aid dryer

Morning care

  • Brush receiver end of hearing aids
  • Brush microphone
  • If it’s time to change old wax guards, remove them and replace with new wax guards

Evening care for non-rechargeable hearing aids

  • Gently wipe hearing aids with soft cloth
  • Open the battery doors to power off and extend battery life
  • Store hearing aids in the hearing aid dryer

Evening care for rechargeable hearing aids

  • Gently wipe hearing aids with dry, soft cloth
  • Place hearing aids in charger overnight