Removing and replacing Hear Clear wax guards

Learn how to remove old Hear Clear wax guards and replace them with new ones.

Starkey’s Hear Clear wax guards are an innovative way to protect your hearing aids from earwax accumulation. If you notice a change in sound quality or a decrease in your hearing, it might be because it’s time to change your Hear Clear wax guards. They typically need to be replaced at least once a month.

Here’s how:

  1. Insert the empty end of the yellow application stick into the used wax guard in the hearing device. NOTE: Push the yellow stick directly into the used Hear Clear. There is no need to twist the yellow stick.
  2. Pull outward on the stick to remove the used wax guard.
  3. Use opposite end of yellow stick to firmly insert clean wax guard into hearing device.
  4. Pull outward to remove the yellow stick and discard.