Getting used to wearing hearing aids

Determination makes the adjustment period go faster—determination and these tips.

As we noted, new hearing aid wearers don’t get used to their new hearing aids in a single day. The adjustment period can vary from a week to even a month.

One thing almost everyone who successfully adjusts to hearing aids does, though, is practice.

Your hearing healthcare professional has access to resources specifically designed to make practice productive and even fun. This may include “assignments” like reading out loud each day, gradually increasing the time you wear hearing aids, and wearing them in specific environments. Or it might include clinically proven training exercises and interactive hearing games that you can do at home.

Because each situation is unique, we recommend reaching out to your hearing healthcare professional for an acclimation plan tailored just for you.

In the meantime, here are some tips that any first-time hearing aid wearer can do to speed up the acclimation process and enhance your overall experience wearing new hearing aids.

  • Wear them at home in a quiet environment for the first few days.
  • Listen to the TV, an audio book or podcast to practice hearing and understanding.
  • Practice having a conversation with your spouse or a loved one.
  • Read out loud for 10–15 minutes a day.
  • Wear them only a few hours each day for the first two weeks. Work to increase the amount worn per day over time.
  • Take breaks when you feel tired.
  • As you get more comfortable, practice in more difficult situations – have a conversation with two other people at the same in a quiet environment then move into more complicated environments like a restaurant or social gathering.
  • Set realistic expectations; hearing aids won’t restore your hearing to normal, but they will make listening easier and enjoyable again.

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