The hearing aid
adjustment period

It takes time adjusting to wearing hearing aids. How long depends on you.

Wearing hearing aids for the first time is to your ears like going outside after a matinee is to your eyes — it can be a shock to the system. And though your eyes will get used to the light faster than your ears will get used to hearing long lost sounds, you can be confident that your ears will adjust in time.

You can find a list of tips to speed up the adjustment period here, and find easy-to-follow practice assignments here. But, more than anything, better hearing will depend on:

  • Your commitment to making your hearing aids work in your everyday routines.
  • Time spent wearing your hearing aids to get comfortable using them in different environments.
  • Being patient and understanding that it won’t happen overnight.
  • Managing your own environment by learning what situations you can control and what situations to avoid.
  • Don’t give up, whatever you do. No two people are the same, and it might come quicker for some than others. But it will get easier and more natural. Of course, you can always reach out to your hearing professional with questions and advice. That’s what they’re there for.