What to expect from your new hearing aids

Here are some of the changes you should notice when you start wearing hearing aids.

Unless you’ve worn hearing aids before, it’s hard to know what to expect when you first start using them. They aren’t like glasses, where you immediately see things clearly the moment you put them on.

Instead, it takes time and practice before you get completely used to wearing hearing aids — especially if it’s been a while since you’ve heard your best.

Because you haven’t heard sounds and noises “normally” for a while, the sounds amplified by your hearing aids may seem tinny, metallic or unnatural at first. This is because you are hearing high-frequency sounds that you’ve been missing or hearing differently for years.

In time, though, if you follow your hearing healthcare professional’s guidance and other acclimation tips, you’ll notice how much better your hearing sounds.

What you can expect, once you’ve worn your hearing aids for awhile

  • Your ability to hear and understand others should improve.
  • Voices shouldn’t be distorted, harsh, tinny, booming or muffled.
  • Your own voice should sound normal, not like you’re in a barrel.
  • The intensity and quality of familiar sounds should be sharp, bright and clear, not dull or irritating.
  • A crowded room with many people talking at once should be loud but not deafening.
  • Wearing hearing aids in both ears should help you pinpoint which direction sounds are coming from.
  • Communication in quiet environments should improve over time.
  • Hearing and understanding people in settings with background noise (restaurants or dinner parties) should improve over time.
  • You should be able to understand speech in large spaces where there’s reverberation, like lecture halls, movie theaters or worship spaces.
  • Loud sounds like sirens, traffic and construction should not be uncomfortable but you should hear them clearly.

Remember, the above won’t happen overnight. With time and practice you should see improvements within the first few weeks and months. Be patient and know the process will be worth it!

Your hearing professional is available to ensure you’re comfortable, satisfied and getting the results you expect from your new hearing aids. Reach out to them or schedule follow-up appointments as needed.