How to use Live Sessions

Here’s how to have remote adjustments made to your hearing aids using our live video chat feature.

Starkey has a remote programming feature, called Live Sessions, that allows you to receive hearing aid adjustments live via video chat with your hearing professional through the Thrive Hearing Control app.

To use these synchronous adjustments you must have a smart mobile device, internet connection (cellular or WiFi) and the Thrive Hearing Control app.

Requesting a Live Session

To schedule a Live Session, call your hearing professional and request a remote appointment. Your hearing professional will work with you to schedule at a time convenient for you, similar to a regular in-person visit.

Joining a Live Session

At your designated appointment time with your hearing professional, you can join a Live Session two ways:

  1. You will receive a banner notification (if enabled) on your phone letting you know your hearing professional has entered the live fitting session. Tap on the banner to join. Image of Professional in session notification
  2. You can also join the Live Session by navigating in your Thrive app to Settings > TeleHear > Tap on Join Live Session. The first time you enter a Live Session, you will be prompted to allow the Thrive app to access your camera and microphone.
Image of Professional in session notification
Image of Connecting to Professional screen

“Connecting to Professional” will appear on the screen to indicate you are in the process of connecting with your hearing professional.

  1. Once connected, you will see the hearing professional in the larger frame on your smart device and yourself in the smaller frame. You will also be able to hear one another.
  2. Your hearing professional will then have control over your hearing aids to make any necessary programming adjustments. Your user controls and Thrive app will not be available during the Live Session.
  3. A Live Session may be ended by either you or your hearing professional. To end the session, select the End the Call icon from the display on your smart device. A pop-up message will ask if you are sure you want to end the session. Select Yes.
Image of live session with hearing professional