Wellness Score overview

Learn what the Wellness Score is and
what it measures each day.

Image of Thrive Score screen

Wellness Score

Starkey introduced the first hearing aids to feature sensors inside of them, which are also included in Evolv AI hearing aids. These sensors can track your activity, steps and overall movement. They can also measure hours of use, social engagement and time spent actively listening. This data is transmitted to the Thrive app throughout the day*.

Your Wellness Score is a combination of an Engagement score and an Activity score. Each one can reach 100 in a day, for a maximum Wellness Score of 200.

Image of Thrive App Body Score screen

Activity Score

Your Activity score tracks progress toward three daily physical activity goals. Meeting all three goals will provide a full 100 points. You can set/modify goals in the Settings area of the app.

  1. Steps shows your progress toward the daily step count goal (40 points possible).
  2. Exercise shows your progress toward your daily goal for vigorous exercise (40 points possible).
  3. Stand shows your progress toward your move goal to stand up and move around every hour (20 points possible).
Image of Thrive App Brain Score screen

Engagement Score

Your Engagement score measures progress toward three “listening” goals. These are more focused on social and mental interaction vs. physical activity. Your goal should be 100 points per day.

  1. Use points are gained by wearing your hearing aids on a daily basis. The more you use them, the more points earned (40 possible).
  2. Engagement points are gained by using your hearing aids to engage with others. The more time you spend in environments with conversational speech, the more points earned (40 possible).
  3. Environment points are gained when the hearing aids are adapting to challenging listening environments. So, the more places you wear them each day, the more points earned (20 possible).

Achieving a Thrive score of 200 means you met your goals for the day and that you’re on your way to hearing and living better.

*Your hearing aids must regularly connect to the phone during the day and the Thrive app must be kept open in the background of your phone.