Hearing aid memories

Learn how to create new memories and switch between the memories you have programmed.

Thrive Memory Menu

Image of Thrive App Memory Menu screen

From the Home screen, tap the Current Memory at the bottom of the screen to view and select from available memories or to create a new memory or edit a memory.

To switch memories, tap the memory you want to switch to.

To edit an existing memory, tap the memory you want to edit, tap Edit Current Memory, then make any changes you’d like. The changes will be saved automatically.

To create a new one, tap Create New Memory, type the name you’d like to give the new memory, then tap Close. Your new memory is created, but now you need to customize it to the sound parameters you prefer.

Customize Screens

With your custom memory chosen in the Memory menu, tap Customize on the navigation bar to gain access to a variety of adjustment controls for personalizing your new hearing aid memory. Each time you adjust one of the controls, the new memory will remember/save those adjustments.

See the Hearing Controls section to see what each control does and learn how to edit/customize memories.