My Dog Ate My Hearing Aids!

Dogs have an uncanny ability to eat things they shouldn’t. Your $300 leather briefcase, the trash, your kids’ colored markers, etc. But of all the inappropriate things a dog can eat, some of the most dangerous thins are your hearing aids and hearing aid batteries.

While relatively small and likely easy to swallow, a hearing aid is packed with an enormous amount of technological hardware and batteries with corrosive liquid inside. Alkaline batteries are especially problematic as they can burn a dog’s tongue, throat and stomach lining. If a dog ingests a hearing aid, surgery could be necessary, but regardless immediate vet attention should be taken if your pet has swallowed your hearing aid or a hearing aid battery.

Signs your pet has swallowed a hearing aid battery include:

  • A red and raw tongue (or whitish-gray from dead skin)
  • Heavy drooling or vomiting
  • Unusually quiet behavior
  • Pained crying
  • Refusal to eat or extremely slow chewing

Best practice is to always ensure your hearing aids and hearing aid batteries are safely secured well out of reach of any pets you have in your home. Proper storage options include closed drawers, cabinets and other secure containers inaccessible to pets and children. Never leave hearing aids or hearing aid batteries out on a nightstand, open countertop or low-laying furniture.


By Starkey Hearing