#HearingFactFriday: Hearing loss is linked to faster loss of brain tissue

As humans age, many things become inevitable. Our hair will gray. Our skin will wrinkle. And our brains will shrink.

Wait. Our brains will shrink?

It’s true. According to research, “our brains shrink in volume, particularly the frontal cortex” as we get older. Consider it one of many tradeoffs to living a long and fulfilling life, apparently.

Hearing loss, too, is a natural part of aging. And a study by Johns Hopkins and the National Institute on Aging found that adults with hearing loss “had accelerated rates of brain atrophy compared to those with normal hearing.”

There is good news

Treating hearing loss can help alleviate both issues. It can help with hearing loss, which in turn can help reduce accelerated brain tissue loss. Win, win. (Unfortunately, hearing loss treatment isn’t proven to help with gray hair or wrinkles.)

Are you ready to treat your hearing loss? Start by consulting with a hearing healthcare provider near you.

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By Starkey Hearing