#HearingFactFriday: Nobody likes tinnitus

Maybe it’s you. Or your dad. Or your grandmother. Or maybe it’s a friend. But chances are, you know someone who’s dealt with tinnitus. This author had ringing in his ears for over half a year after going to a concert. Then it just went away, mysteriously but thankfully. 

I was lucky. For many, tinnitus never goes away — and it has a profound impact on their daily life.

Help is available. Many hearing aids, including our Muse, Halo™ 2 and SoundLens® Synergy, have tinnitus relief technology built into them. You can try this proven technology for yourself by visiting a local hearing professional who fits it.

You can also learn more about tinnitus, our tinnitus relief technology or download our popular tinnitus relief app, Relax, by visiting the tinnitus section of our website.

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By Starkey Hearing