#HearingFactFriday: Age-related hearing loss is expected to increase

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the older we get, the more likely it is we’ll lose our hearing. It’s just one by-product of living a long, fulfilling life (along with fading eyesight, weakened muscles, wisdom, experience…).

That doesn’t lessen the shock of this statistic by the World Health Organization. Five times more likely when you’re over 65 than when you’re under? Wow!

Equally interesting is the projected population of people 65 and older. In 2013 (the latest year for data), the number was 44.7 million in the U.S. By 2060, that number is expected to more than double, to 98 million. 

On one hand, that happily forecasts that we’ll all be living longer! On the other, there’s going to be a lot more of us asking “What?” if we don’t get help for our hearing loss.

When you are ready for hearing help, just remember one name — Starkey — and you’ll be good.


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By Starkey Hearing