To treat or not treat hearing loss, that is the question

Are you one of the 37.5 million (or one in five) American adults who has trouble hearing? If you are, then are you also one of the 80 percent of people with hearing loss who hasn’t done anything about it yet?  

OK, last question — why haven’t you? 

Should I treat my hearing loss?

Decades of data have linked untreated hearing loss to numerous negative quality-of-life issues. But research also confirms that treating hearing loss can delay or combat many of these negative effects, and improve quality of life as we age.

Click here to watch our new video and to understand why doctors and hearing experts from institutions like Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Columbia University and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) think identifying and treating hearing loss early is the smart thing to do. Then, decide for yourself — is waiting worth it?

By Starkey Hearing