15 consequences of untreated hearing loss

Unlike vision, which people typically treat as soon as it starts failing them, treating hearing loss gets pushed off — some studies suggest up to a dozen years or so.


We get it. You can’t do basic things like drive and read when your vision is compromised. Whereas with hearing impairment, it’s more gradual, can feel less detrimental, and is definitely easier to compensate for, either by turning up the volume on things, asking people to repeat themselves, or just avoiding situations where hearing is a challenge.


But years of research studies and anecdotal data confirm that untreated hearing loss is linked to numerous physical, mental and other negative quality-of-life issues — but that treating hearing loss can help minimize or eliminate these potential consequences. It’s the question everyone with hearing loss eventually asks: is letting it go untreated worth it? 

15 Potential Consequences of Untreated Hearing Loss.

By Starkey Hearing