First Person: Online hearing aids “just were not helping” Shirley

Starkey hearing aid wearers frequently share their stories with us over the phone, email or one of our social networks. We’ll pass on our favorites to you in our First Person blog. 

Shirley P. from Illinois recently upgraded from hearing aids she bought online to Starkey Hearing Technologies hearing aids, which she bought from an authorized hearing care professional near her. She wrote to tell us the difference her new hearing aids have made — and asked if we’d share her story.

Here’s what Shirley wrote:

“Hearing again is a beautiful thing! I didn't realize how much I had withdrawn from life, how closed my world had become, until I broke down and bought a good pair of hearing aids. 

I had purchased several of the ONLINE aids and they just were not helping me. Don't get me wrong, I could hear somewhat, but not to the clarity that I now have, it's wonderful. It is so nice to carry on a conversation with someone now, rather than just nodding my head in agreement, not really knowing what I was nodding too. 

It is absolutely wonderful that I can carry on a conversation with my teenage granddaughters. I can talk in length with my daughters and my significant other. I guess maybe I missed our chats more than anything else. 

I can actually hear the birds singing in the morning, my kitty meowing, the water running. I have come out of my extremely quiet and lonely world. In fact, I believe my balance has even improved because of it. I don't feel nearly as unbalanced as I did.

My advice is bite the bullet; you won't be sorry. This is my story and it only gets better every day.”

If Shirley’s story isn’t enough to convince you to buy hearing aids from an experienced professional, read “Where to buy hearing aids – online or from a hearing professional.”

To find a hearing professional near you who can help, click here.

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