Rechargeable hearing aids are a reality" />

If you wear hearing aids, you know how important batteries are to their performance. You also know how inconvenient it can be to buy hearing aid batteries, ensure you have spares with you, or change them in the middle of an event or conversation. 

With ZPower®, our new rechargeable battery technology, you no longer need to worry about running out of power or replacing hearing aid batteries mid-activity. You can relax, knowing you’ll have continuous, stable and uninterrupted hearing aid use throughout your day.

How to insert the ZPower rechargeable hearing aids

Imagine buying only two hearing aid batteries all year!

Anyone who’s had to regularly replace hearing aid batteries knows it can be a source of frustration. Hearing aids are small and their batteries are smaller. Even with 20/20 vision and steady hands, the process of getting batteries out of their packaging, removing the tabs, and inserting them in the hearing aid can be challenging.

With ZPower, you potentially only have to do that once a year. That’s because, once inserted into your Muse™ micro RIC 312t hearing aids, they recharge by placing the entire hearing aid on the ZPower charger. After 3-4 hours of charging (we recommend overnight every night), your hearing aids are completely charged, and ready to deliver up to 22 hours of use. No need to fuss, worry or stop what you’re doing because your hearing aids are running low on power.

How do I charge my rechargeable hearing aids? 

Two rechargeable batteries take the place of 200 disposable ones

Right now, ZPower is compatible with Muse micro RIC 312t hearing aids, our newest, best-sounding hearing aids ever. Wearers of Muse can choose to power them with traditional zinc air disposable batteries — or purchase the ZPower system (charger and batteries) from their hearing care professional.

One pair of ZPower batteries can take the place of an estimated 200 disposable batteries — and should last an entire year before needing to be replaced.

Ready to recharge?

If you’re ready to simplify your life, then you’re ready for Muse hearing aids with new ZPower rechargeable battery technology. To find out where you can get your rechargeable hearing aids, click here or call 1-888-908-1845 today. 



By Starkey Hearing