#HearingFactFriday: The transitive property of better hearing

Maintaining our mental sharpness is something we all hope to do as we age. So it’s good to know there are steps we can proactively take to increase the likelihood our brains don’t let us down.

The Alzheimer’s Association confirms that two of those steps are “maintaining strong social connections and keeping mentally active.” Hearing and hearing loss play key roles in both of those steps.

Untreated hearing loss has long been linked to increased social isolation and depression — whereas people who treat their hearing loss report being more connected and engaged in life. 

By treating your hearing loss, then, you’re taking a proactive step to help ensure you stay socially active, which has the added benefit of helping you stay mentally sharp. 

To take that proactive step, click here to find a local hearing professional who can help you treat your hearing loss.  


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By Starkey Hearing