50 years of better hearing

This year marks Starkey Hearing Technologies 50th year of helping people hear better. Our founder and still CEO, William F. Austin, started Starkey Hearing Technologies in 1967 with one goal in mind: So the world may hear.

He believed that to hear better is to live better. He knew that hearing opens our world to relationships, understanding and experiences that enable us to reach our true potential — and he had the know-how and passion to bring better hearing to people who need it.

50 reasons to hear your best

Better hearing impacts mental sharpness.

In that half century since, the 4,800 employees of Starkey Hearing Technologies have continuously experienced the enormous difference better hearing can make to a person’s life. We’ve followed the research. We’ve seen it firsthand. And people constantly tell us in person, in letters, over email and on Facebook. 

In honor of our 50th anniversary, we’ve compiled 50 of our favorite benefits in an eBook we’d like to share with you.

Click here to access the eBook, and to discover 50 great reasons you should treat your hearing loss and hear the best you possibly can.


By Starkey Hearing