[Video] The benefits of buying hearing aids from a hearing professional

Maybe you took an online hearing test. Maybe someone who loves you said it’s time. Or maybe you decided to take control over your quality of life. Regardless, if you’ve decided it’s time to look into getting hearing aids and are just starting to do research, may we make one recommendation? 

Visit a hearing healthcare professional early in the process. 

A hearing professional has the experience and expertise to thoroughly test your hearing, assess your unique needs, answer all your questions and concerns, and recommend or prescribe a treatment for your specific hearing loss.  

And, if the treatment involves getting hearing aids, the advantages of getting them from your hearing healthcare professional far outweigh any small cost savings you’d get buying them online, as the video above demonstrates.

To see more benefits of treating hearing loss, check out our FREE 50 benefits of better hearing eBook. Or, to find a hearing professional near you, click here.

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By Starkey Hearing