#HearingFactFriday: Being young has its benefits

There’s a good chance, as you hit your 50s, that you’ll have to deal with age-related hearing loss. The numbers are simply not in your favor. 

But even though you may not notice it until then, did you know your hearing starts going downhill after 25? According to studies, it’s true. Our hearing is at its peak between ages 18-25.

Oh well, a lot of thing are best between those ages (if my memory serves me right). Then again, a lot of things are better when you’re older, too. Experience has taught me that aging moves along an ever-shifting list of pros and cons. I’ll let you contemplate and fill in that list at your leisure.

If and when your hearing does go, Starkey is here to help. Come back to our site or give us a call (1-888-908-1845). We’ve got you covered.

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By Starkey Hearing