#HearingFactFriday: People usually do what their doctors recommend

Nowadays, we don’t seem to go to a restaurant or pick a movie or choose vacation lodging without first crowdsourcing reviews. What do other people just like us think, we want to know. Do they recommend it?

Interestingly, doing something about hearing loss frequently starts only after a form of crowdsourcing: only after your spouse or child or friend or colleague or, usually, all the above suggests, “You know, you might want to get your hearing checked.”

But while it might take all of your acquaintances nudging and nagging combined, according to today’s #HearingFactFriday, it only takes one expert — your doctor — to get you to get help for your hearing loss.

No doubt movie critics, restaurant critics and travel agents — with their fading leverage and usefulness — are jealous.

If you’re ready to seek a hearing solution, we can help. Call 1-888-908-1845 or click here and we’ll help you schedule a consultation with an experienced hearing professional near you.


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By Starkey Hearing