Enhance hearing with hearing aid accessories

A hearing aid is a personal amplification device designed to work in a radius up to 12 feet around the person wearing the device. So, those cool commercials of a person listening to a conversation across the street are not reality. Hearing aids work really well at helping us hear better for those sounds in our orbit. When situations become more complicated or involve greater distances, accessories can help the hearing aid do an even better job! 

Busy restaurants

Know what a busy restaurant means? Good food! It can also be a challenge to follow the conversation at the table. Combining your Muse iQ hearing aids with a SurfLink Remote Microphone placed on the table can help you focus in on the conversation and turn down the background sounds. 

Conferences and lecture halls 

When attending a conference, sitting a distance from the presenter adds a new dimension to hearing well. The SurfLink Remote Microphone placed on the podium or around the presenter’s neck can remove the distance and put their voice right in your ear. 

Phone calls

Hearing on the phone can be challenging. (Yes, believe it or not, some people still use phones to actually make calls!) There are a few accessory options here. If you have an iPhone, your phone can send calls directly to your Halo iQ hearing aids. Other cell phones can connect to the SurfLink Mini Mobile device that will stream the phone calls to your Muse iQ hearing aids. With either technology, the ability to hear and talk on the phone is greatly improved.

Check out some of the features of the SurfLink Mini Mobile in the video below:


Television and home media

One of the most common reasons people start to seek out hearing aids is family members complaining about the TV being turned up too loud. The SurfLink Media 2 connects to your TV or other media source, and sends the signal directly to your Muse iQ hearing aids. You listen at a volume that is comfortable for you and your family listens at a volume comfortable for them!

All of these options are plug and play and easy to use. Most don’t even require you to touch your hearing aids to activate! To learn more about any of these handy accessories, talk to your hearing healthcare provider today. If you don’t have a provider, call 1-888-908-1845 or click here to find one near you and request a demonstration.


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