Hearing aid reviews

It’s one thing for Starkey to tell you how our hearing aids have helped people around the world hear better and live better. It’s much more meaningful if they tell you themselves. 

Below are real quotes from real hearing aid wearers, compiled from emails and social media posts.

“I can finally socialize again, and mingle with people at church, the grocery store, and when I am out walking my dog. I can stop and chat with my neighbors.” Joseph C.    

“Better hearing means living life happily. It means not being scared, or embarrassed, or apprehensive.” - Judith R. 

“Better hearing is feeling safe and secure in strange places. It is smiling and understanding in conversation, not just to be polite.”  - Kay F. 

“To be able to listen to the birds, crickets, frogs, and all the sounds in nature enriches my time outside greatly.” - John R. 

“As a professional salesman, I would not be able to function without my hearing aids.” - Nick A.

“It is a God send. It makes all the difference in the world. I can’t say enough about it.” - Joan V.

 “It is very nice to be able to carry on a conversation as well as be a part of what is going on around you. It is very lonely if you can’t hear.” - Mary W. 

Karissa and Dennis share their experience with hearing aids from Starkey.

Karissa and her dad, Dennis

“I take them out now and I’m like, how did I miss that much?” - Karissa G.

“It means everything. It means I can continue to do my job. Communication is as essential to nursing as are the skills I learned in nursing school. It means I can interact with patients, families and staff. It means I can interact with my family and share the things I love most: church and singing, playing games with my family and going to movies and plays.” - Glenna H.  

“Better hearing keeps me in the game. If I can’t hear, I might as well stay home and disengage from everything.” - Jay F. 

“It means everything to me. My wife loves it because I can hear what she says.” Don S. 

“They mean the difference between being able to confidently talk to others or not, keep a job or not, hear my kids as they grow up or not. I'd be pretty isolated without them.” Eddy B.  

“Hearing loss kept me in fear and isolation. But better hearing has made me free. Better hearing means I can remain a productive person. As a writer, I need to interview people, sometimes over the phone, and my Halos allow me to stream calls into my ears and interviews can be recorded. With my Starkey Halos I am more engaged and participate with the world around me (hear birds when I hike, children giggle) and also be safe (not worry about not hearing a car coming or bicycle bell ring a warning). My hearing will never be perfect, but with Starkey Halos, not only is my hearing better, but I feel like I am a better person to the world. Because I can hear what is being said, I can contribute.” Lynette T.  

“It is the best move I ever made! I never realized how much I was missing. This is something I wish I had looked into years earlier.” Don D. 

Try hearing aids for yourself

If you’ve been on the fence about trying hearing aids, take it from the people who wear them every day, and experience the difference they can make by trying them yourself.  

We make it easy for you. Just call 1-888-908-1845 or click here and we will help you set up a consultation and demonstration with an authorized hearing healthcare professional near you.


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