#HearingFactFriday: There is a link between dementia and hearing loss

Recently, a review of over 30 studies — like the 2011 one from Johns Hopkins Medicine cited above — confirmed that age-related hearing loss is linked to cognitive decline, cognitive impairment, and dementia. 

The review follows new thinking that a preventative strategy for dementia may be more beneficial than post-diagnosis therapy. Dementia treatment and therapy will never go away, obviously, but if we can prevent it, wouldn’t that be even better?  

While research continues, one study published last year did, in fact, conclude that one in three cases of dementia could be prevented if people managed nine lifestyle factors — and that treating and managing hearing loss at midlife is one of the nine factors people can control to help prevent or delay dementia.

If you’re ready to treat your hearing loss and be proactive about dementia, we can help. Call 1-888-908-1845 or click here to schedule a consultation with a hearing healthcare professional near you.


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