Our best sounding hearing aid ever

A hearing aid’s most important job — of the many it has — is to sound great. “How does it sound?” should be (and usually is) the first question a hearing aid wearer asks.

While it’s so far been impossible to replicate “normal” hearing, today’s premium hearing aids keep getting closer. But none have gotten nearly as close as our new Livio AI hearing aid. It’s the best sounding hearing aid we’ve ever engineered — and arguably the best sounding hearing aid ever made.

For those who want to know why, keep reading. For those who just want to try Livio AI for themselves, call 1-888-908-1845 or click here.

The complexity of replicating normal hearing

Hearing is complex and difficult to replicate. We’re constantly presented with many sounds from varied sources. Some are meant to be in the background. Some are extraneous noises that are best blocked out so they don’t interfere with the signal of interest. And some — like a companion’s voice or a granddaughter’s performance in the school play or the TV show you’re watching — are those signals of interest we want to focus on.

When we hear “normally,” we take in these layers of sounds, and our brains blend and focus them differently depending on each situation. When we have hearing loss, the layers blend less smoothly and our focus is unclear.

Livio AI hearing aids sound great in every environment

Hearing Reality better replicates natural hearing

Livio AI hearing aids introduce a brand new technology called Hearing Reality™. Hearing Reality is made possible through recent advances in sensors and processing that have spurred a new era of computer input from environments. These inputs include things like a person’s location in the world, surfaces and boundaries, environmental sound, object recognition, and location.

The combination of computer processing, human input, and environmental input enables us to create a true Hearing Reality experience. Hearing Reality uses high-speed, high-definition computer processing to manage, separate and help us focus these many layers of sound to better replicate natural hearing. Movement through the physical world can translate to movement in the digital world.

The result is immersive, authentic and instantly adaptable hearing, where quiet sounds are quiet, noise can be “ignored”, and you’re able to focus on the sounds (or signals of interest) that matter, no matter what type of environment you’re in.

Hearing Reality is what makes Livio AI’s sound quality so good

Livio AI hearing aids deliver a 50 percent reduction in dynamic noise. In tests, they earned a 98 percent satisfaction rating for sound quality*, and wearers noted a significant reduction in listening effort, which — if you have hearing loss — is what you want, especially in loud, noisy places.

Experienced hearing aid users who tried Livio AI, said they enjoyed a noticeable improvement in their ability to communicate, and they had more energy because they weren’t struggling to hear conversations as much.

If sound quality matters, give Livio AI hearing aids a try

Still a skeptic? Then try Livio AI hearing aids and experience their exceptional sound quality for yourself. Just call 1-888-908-1845 or click here and we’ll help you set up an appointment with a hearing healthcare professional who fits them.

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*Starkey Hearing Technologies CSAT 2017 

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