New wireless accessories enhance the benefits of hearing aids

As far as today’s hearing aids have come and as much as they can do — and none have come farther or can do more than our new Livio AI hearing aids — they can only do so much on their own.

Our Thrive Hearing app is one new tool that lets you enhance and extend the many benefits of our Livio AI hearing aids (you can read about it here).

Now, we’ve engineered three new accessories that make Livio AI hearing aids even more useful, and hearing your favorite things significantly more effortless and enjoyable.

All three connect wirelessly to your Livio AI hearing aids to help you easily engage with the world around you.

TV accessory

If you enjoy watching television, you know that hearing loss can negate that joy for both you and the people in the room. Our new universal TV accessory makes watching TV enjoyable again.

Just hook this tiny box up to your TV, set it next to it, and you can stream audio from the TV directly to your Livio AI hearing aids easily and wirelessly. It offers excellent sound quality, is easy to use, and supports both analog and digital input sources.

You get to listen to your favorite shows at the volume you want without needing to turn it up at all in the room.

TV wireless hearing aid accessory 

Remote Microphone + accessory

Small and compact, the Remote Microphone + lets you stream clear, crisp audio from a variety of sources. Just clip it to or put it near the person you want to hear — whether it’s a dinner companion across the table or a presenter across the room — and it becomes a one-way microphone streamed directly to your ears.

And thanks to Remote Microphone +, Livio AI are the first hearing aids to feature Amazon® Alexa connectivity.

Remote accessory

Last, but not least, the new Remote is great for hearing aid wearers who want something besides their smartphone to adjust their hearing aids. With this accessory, you can control memories and volume, mute your devices and turn various special features on or off.

To learn more about any of these accessories or about Livio AI hearing aids, call 1-888-908-1845 or click here and we’ll help you set up an appointment with a hearing healthcare professional who fits them.

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