Do’s and don’ts of good ear health

Our ears need to be taken care of just like our eyes and our teeth. To ensure they stay healthy for as long as possible, keep these 10 things in mind.


  1. Do get your ears and hearing checked regularly.
  2. Do go to a professional to have excessive ear wax removed.
  3. Do use earplugs to protect your hearing around loud sounds.
  4. Do dry your ears after showering or swimming.
  5. Do stay physically active. Staying physically active helps keep the heart and circulation system healthy, which helps keeps your ears healthy.


  1. Don’t put cotton swabs in your ear canal.
  2. Don’t crank up your headphones.
  3. Don’t ignore pain or drainage from your ears — go to a doctor.
  4. Don’t smoke. Smoking is known to affect hearing through the circulation system.
  5. Don’t assume hearing loss is just for older people. Hearing loss is an increasing danger to younger individuals due exposure to loud sounds via ear buds.

For more tips, reach out to your hearing healthcare professional. If you don’t have a hearing care provider, we can help you find one in your area. Just call 1-888-908-1845 or click here.

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By Starkey Hearing