Is hearing loss common?

Look around, and thanks to all the people you see wearing glasses, you’d know that a lot of us have trouble seeing clearly. Apply that same test for hearing loss, though, and no one would fault you for thinking it’s rare.

It’s not. In fact, it’s one of the most common physical issues affecting older adults. It only seems rare because too few people with hearing loss wear hearing aids, and on the ones who do wear them, they’re barely noticeable

But if you add up just Americans with hearing loss (estimates range there are from 37 to 44 million of us) there are enough to replace the entire population of California and start taking over Texas.

In other words, if you have hearing loss you are definitely not alone. To illustrate just how common hearing loss is, we’ve compiled many of the latest hearing loss statistics into the infographic below.

How common is hearing loss

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