#HearingFactFriday: What’s good for your heart isn’t necessarily good for your ears

It’s mid-February. How are your New Year’s resolutions going? Was one of them to exercise more? That’s still a fantastic resolution — so long as you’re mindful of the exercise you choose. 

Indoor cycling — also known as spinning — has been growing in popularity. And while it’s great for your cardiovascular and respiratory systems, turns out it’s not so good for your auditory system.

Why? Because the music played in class — which is used to motivate and energize you — is typically played at volumes that far exceed safe levels. This recent vox.com article goes into more details.

We aren’t suggesting you should stop exercising. But we are recommending that if spinning is one of your workouts, wear earplugs! 

Not sure if exposure to loud music has harmed your ears over the years? Take our free online hearing test to find out.

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By Starkey Hearing