Follow Chris Earl on his journey to better hearing

Chris Earl had been dealing with gradual hearing loss for 17 years. But a busy career and, as he says, “inertia”, prevented him from getting the help he needed.

When he retired in 2017, Chris had the space and time to reexamine his priorities — and his health and quality of life became his focus. For Chris, a key component to both was his hearing. So he decided to be proactive and get his hearing loss treated.

Lucky for us, Chris invited us to tag along with him on his better hearing journey.

Watch below as he takes us through his decision to treat his hearing loss, including his visit with a hearing professional, getting fit for hearing aids, then finally sharing what he thinks about the decision he made.



If you’re ready to finally do something about your hearing loss, we can help. Call 1-888-908-1845 or click here to find a hearing healthcare professional near you. Then, schedule a consultation to test your hearing and discuss your options.

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