Help decide the Best Sound Ever

This Better Hearing Month, we’ve been on a quest to determine the best sound ever. And because “best” or favorite sounds are so subjective, Starkey is letting everyone in the world help decide what the single, best sound ever is!

Each day in May, we’ve been pitting one amazing sound against another. Whichever sound gets the most votes moves on to face a different challenger. Eventually, only one can win — and on May 31st, we will crown that sound the #BestSoundEver!

Your vote counts!

We’re halfway through our voting bracket of 24 universally unforgettable sounds — so it’s not too late for you to have a say in which sound wins.

Want in on the decision? It’s easy to participate. Just follow and vote on Twitter every week day in May @starkeyhearing or #BestSoundEver. If you don’t have Twitter and want to follow along, we update the bracket every day at our Best Sound Ever website.

Sounds make life vivid

Sounds are an indispensable part of the fabric of our lives. Whether it was the voice of your late grandfather singing along to a holiday song, the squawking seagulls welcoming you on your first visit to the ocean, or is the chortle of your soulmate’s joyous laughter — whatever sounds are personal to you, you know how much they mean and how different life would be if you missed them.

It’s why we do what we do — so people don’t miss their favorite sounds and, instead, can enjoy a life filled with best sounds ever.

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By Starkey Hearing