Guess what sound is the Best Sound Ever?

Since 1927, the United States has designated the month of May as Better Hearing and Speech Month. It’s a month to remind people of the impact hearing has on our quality of life — and encourage us all to take our hearing health seriously (something this blog tries to do all year long).

Our #BestSoundEver bracket was meant as a fun and interactive way to bring that impact to life. It pit 24 amazing and universally recognized sounds against each other — and the world got to vote all May long to decide which sound was best!

Specific sounds can entice our taste buds, elicit emotions, help us relax, or imprint lifelong memories. No doubt you could easily come up with a list of sounds that you enjoy and make you smile.

Our list ranged from a cat’s purr and a smartphone pinging with a notification or “like” to a campfire crackling and your child’s first words — plus 20 other sounds in between.

And the winner is…

But water rose to the top. After a month of competition, voters winnowed the list to two wet finalists, with Waves Lapping beating Rain Pitter-Pattering by a nearly two-to-one margin.

The world decided — lapping waves is the #BestSoundEver.

We’re guessing this particular sound reminds or conjures up time spent on a beach or lake and all the happiness and relaxation that comes with that, which just proves the power sounds have over us, and why it's so important to treat hearing loss so you don't miss important moments.

Don’t like the winning choice? Maybe we’ll do it again next May and you can help sway the result. Or, email us at blogs@starkeyhearing and share your favorite sound with us. It might make it on our 2020 #BestSoundEver bracket.

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By Starkey Hearing