Maybe its time to think about a new hearing “system,” not just a hearing “aid”

Hearing aid users sometimes run into specific listening situations that are challenging. Even with spectacular advances in noise suppression and directional microphones, hearing in certain environments can still be challenging for some individuals with hearing aids.


Usually, the culprit is the distance between the audio source or whoever is speaking and the hearing aid wearer. Long distances can create enough interference that the hearing aid user’s ability to understand speech suffers.


Thankfully today — with new accessories — these situations can be dramatically improved and make the speaker or audio source sound as if its right next to the hearing aid wearer.


Remote microphones fix the distance problem


Remote microphones can easily be worn by a spouse or speaker to transmit their speech directly to the wearer’s hearing aids, effectively eliminating any distance between the two. In some cases, they work as far as 65 feet away Imagine the pastor at your church or the speaker at the local community event being transmitted directly into your hearing device.


Starkey’s Mini Remote Microphone and Remote Microphone Plus both provide this benefit. With the Remote Mic Plus, you have even more options for direct input to the hearing aids. TeleLoop systems, Bluetooth and FM can all be transmitted directly to your hearing aids with the Remote Mic Plus.


Accessories can improve TV listening, too


Depending on the speaker system, watching TV can also be a frustrating experience. Not anymore.


With Starkey’s TV streamer, you can stream TV directly into your hearing aids, as well as stream a variety of other media options. And you won’t be the only one who benefits. Your spouse or family will be relieved, as you won’t need to crank up the volume of your television to hear it.


All these accessory devices are compatible with the entire line of Starkey Livio hearing aids and the Thrive Hearing App. And all are designed to help you hear better and live better!


To find out more about our entire line of listening enhancing accessories, call 1-888-908-1845, click here, or talk to your hearing healthcare provider.


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By Jim Knutsen, M.A.