Reimagining what a hearing aid can do

Have you heard about our Livio AI hearing aid yet? First introduced in August 2018, it’s been getting a lot of publicity, including here and here.

People are talking about it because it sounds amazing and is the first hearing aid to come with Artificial Intelligence and embedded sensors (thus the “AI” in the name). It’s also the first wearable device to feature Healthable™ technology

Why’d we put AI in Livio hearing aids? This short video helps explain it.


And what exactly is Healthable technology? We’ve got a video explaining that, too.


One product — dozens of benefits

For those who didn’t watch the videos — thanks to AI, the 3D sensors and new Healthable technology, Livio AI is able to provide benefits that no other device on the market can. Benefits like:

  • Superior sound quality in any environment
  • Brain and physical fitness monitoring
  • Easy and reliable streaming from your smart phone and TV
  • Fall detection and alerts
  • Language translation
  • Other intelligent features designed to simplify your life, like transcription, tap control and reminders
  • And much more

The world's first multi-function hearing aid

Best yet, Livio AI offers these benefits and more in a single device that you wear every day. No need to get multiple devices. No need to sync numerous technologies. Your Livio AI hearing aids, smart phone, and our Thrive Hearing Control app is all it takes to hear and live better!

Want to try Livio AI hearing aids for yourself? We can help. Call 1-888-908-1845 or click here and we’ll connect you with an experienced hearing healthcare professional who can demonstrate Livio AI hearing aids for you.


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