Thrive Care — the next best thing to being there

Looking out for an older parent, grandparent or friend is challenging enough, especially with kids, a household to run, and a demanding work schedule. But the current environment — which puts seniors and others even more at risk — only adds to the stress.


Our brand new Thrive Care app can help. Thrive Care is the world’s first app designed specifically to help hearing aid wearers maintain their independence while giving you and other caregivers access to useful information and peace of mind.


Thrive Care is an easy-to-use, non-intrusive app that lets you check in anytime and anywhere to see how a loved one (who is wearing Livio Edge AI hearing aids*) is doing.


Thrive Care can provide information about your loved one’s social interaction and activities — things that can impact their brain health — and physical activities like walking or exercising. It can even detect when the hearing aid wearer has fallen and send you an alert message.

Thrive Care is easy to set up and use

Key to the Thrive Care app is that the wearer gets to decide who sees their information and what information they get to see.


First, the hearing aid wearer sends the person an invitation via the Thrive Hearing Control app, a separate app they’re already using to manage their hearing aids. They then select what information to share and, once the "caregiver" accepts the invitation, that caregiver can check in anytime, night or day, for an instant overview.


Especially during these unprecedented times, when we may not be able to be by our loved ones' sides, it's comforting to know we can keep an eye out for them and ensure they're doing ok.


You can learn more about Thrive Care here.


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*Thrive Care can only be used with our new Livio Edge AI hearing aids.


By Starkey Hearing