#HearingFactFriday: Human hearing is best between ages 18-25

Until things settle and some sense of normalcy returns, we thought we’d use our Hearing Fact Fridays to arm you with non-heavy trivia you can use as ice-breakers on a Zoom chat, to impress friends in a text thread, or to precipitate a new topic of conversation with your family. (We’re guessing after several weeks of confinement together, you could use one.)


Today’s is a perfect example.


Chance are, as we hit our 50s, we’ll be forced to deal with age-related hearing loss. The numbers are simply not in our favor.


But even though we may not notice hearing loss until then, did you know our hearing starts getting worse after 25? According to studies, it’s true. Our hearing is at its peak between ages 18-25.


But that’s ok. Many thing are best between age 18-25. Then again, a lot of things are better when you’re older, too. Experience has taught this post-50 writer that as you age, you travel through an ever-shifting list of pros and cons. For instance, I had more hair when I was younger, but I don’t need to spend money on mousse now.


That list is unique to everyone, and fun to think about and discuss. Well look at that – now you have another topic for the Zoom chat, text thread, or dinner table conversation.


Stay safe and healthy everyone — we’ll get through this together!



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By Starkey Hearing