#HearingFactFriday: Hearing aids are linked to lower rates of depression

In 2019, researchers from the University of Michigan examined insurance claims from 114,862 adults, aged 66 and older, all of whom had been diagnosed with hearing loss.


After sorting them into two groups — subjects who wore hearing aids, and subjects who did not — they compared insurance claims made within three years of a subject’s hearing loss diagnosis.


The researchers found that, in the three years after being diagnosed with hearing loss, those who got hearing aids had lower rates of depression than those who did not receive hearing aids.


Past studies have linked untreated hearing loss to depression and social isolation and we’ve talked about that here. But this is one of the first to show the use of hearing aids is associated with a reduced risk of depression for people with hearing loss.


Especially now, in this tumultuous time, things that can potentially ward of depression seem like things worth looking into.


If you want to look into it, we can help. Just call 1-888-908-1845 or click here and we’ll help you set up a consultation with an authorized hearing healthcare professional near you who can demonstrate the latest hearing aid technology available.



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