Celebrate National Family Caregivers Month by helping a loved one hear their best

Beginning in 2007, the month of November has been celebrated as National Family Caregivers Month — a time to recognize the 40 million people in the U.S. who humbly and compassionately care for parents, siblings, neighbors and community members.

Older parents, friends or grandparents, especially, often need and benefit from the help caregivers provide, whether it’s assistance with meals, medicine, transportation or simply providing companionship.

The caregiver’s role can be plenty challenging during normal times, as they balance their own busy and hectic lives. But now, with the COVID-19 pandemic raging and older adults being particularly vulnerable and isolated, the challenge is compounded.

Better hearing is a win for both caregivers and their loved ones

One way caregivers can make their lives a little less stressful is to ensure those they’re caring for can hear their very best. Better hearing obviously does wonders for the person experiencing it, too. It makes communicating simpler, helps make instructions clearer, and can go a long way to helping people feel less lonely and socially isolated, and more independent.

Hearing professionals across the country have implemented new protocols and adapted their services to COVID-19 guidelines, so that you can feel safe taking your loved ones in for hearing tests, consultations and hearing aids.

Our Livio Edge AI hearing aids are a popular way to help people hear their best, while also delivering numerous other benefits the wearer can take advantage of.



The first and only hearing app for caregivers

One benefit that caregivers can take advantage of is our Thrive Care app. Thrive Care is the world’s first app designed specifically to help hearing aid wearers maintain their independence while giving caregivers access to useful information and peace of mind.

Thrive Care is an easy-to-use, non-intrusive app that lets you check in anytime and anywhere to see how your loved one who is wearing Livio Edge AI hearing aids* is doing. Thrive Care can provide information around your loved one’s social interaction and activities — things that can impact their brain health — and physical activities like walking or exercising. It can even detect when the hearing aid wearer has fallen and send you an alert message.

A key feature of Thrive Care is that the wearer gets to decide who sees their information and what information they get to see. You can learn more about Thrive Care here.

Thank you caregivers!

If you're a caregiver — thank you — you've earned a month devoted just to you! And if there's something that will make providing care a little easier, we think you've earned that, too.


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*Thrive Care can only be used with our new Livio Edge AI hearing aids.


By Starkey Hearing