Too few hearing aid wearers take advantage of available services

We all agree that hearing aids are an investment — in our health, happiness, relationships and, certainly, our quality of life. And like any investment, who doesn’t want to maximize their return?

At Starkey, we can say from experience that those who buy hearing aids from a hearing healthcare professional are better positioned to get the performance they demand and the satisfaction they expect from their devices.

Why? Because of the services that hearing professionals can deliver — services you most likely won’t get if you buy them straight from the internet or without purchasing them from an experienced provider.

Services like thorough evaluations and testing, tailored fittings and tuning, and follow-up support, counseling and maintenance.

That’s why today’s hearing fact was surprising. A recent Johns Hopkins’ study found that only about one-third of those who wear hearing aids use hearing care services.

Even the study’s lead author seemed surprised, as quoted in this Reuters Health article, “The concern is that for individuals with hearing aids who do not get hearing care services, they may continue to have suboptimal hearing outcomes, or become frustrated with their hearing aid and not use it as often or at all.”

I think we can all agree that — when it comes to hearing aids — that is an investment strategy to avoid.

Not sure how to find an experienced hearing healthcare professional near you? We can help. Call 1-888-908-1845 or type your zip code in here, and we’ll give you a list of local providers.


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By Starkey Hearing