Fall-related injuries are costly

Why is a statistic about falls the subject of a blog written by a hearing technology company? We can give you three reasons.

  1. Falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries for older Americans
  2. Hearing loss is proven to increase the risk of falls
  3. We are the first and only company to have fall detection technology in our hearing aids

We don’t need to dwell on the first point. If you’re an older adult or care for someone who is, you already know how scary and pervasive falls are.

But you may not know that hearing loss can significantly increase the chances of falling. In fact, studies show it can increase those risks by up to a third.

The good news is, a different study shows that for people with hearing loss, wearing hearing aids is associated with a reduced risk of falls.

And if those hearing aids are our Livio AI, then not only can they help with your hearing, they can also detect if you fall and send alerts to loved ones and caregivers.

Falls aren’t just dangerous and expensive, they can also rob you of your independence and be huge source of grief and worry for those who love you. Not unlike hearing loss! Hey, there's a fourth reason why today’s stat about falls deserves our attention.

If you have hearing loss and think you’re ready to treat it, we can help. Call 1-888-908-1845 or type your zip code in here, and we will connect you to a local hearing healthcare professional who can test your hearing and consult with you about your options.


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By Starkey Hearing