More than one in 20 people has disabling hearing loss

How many friends do you have on social media? 50? 100? More? Well, if you apply today’s hearing fact from the World Health Organization (WHO) to your list, it would mean that for every 20 friends you have, one has disabling hearing loss. That can add up quickly.

OK, that’s not quite how stats like this work — but it puts the prevalence of hearing loss into jarring perspective by highlighting just how common it is.

Even more jarring? In that same WHO report, they note that the number is expected to double by 2050, to more than 900 million people with “significantly impaired hearing.”

Fortunately, as hearing loss numbers increase, so too increases our advancements in hearing aid technology. So while we may be able to do little to slow down the rising numbers, we are continually able to do more and more to make it manageable and less impactful on people’s quality of life.

If you have hearing loss and think you’re ready to treat it, we can help. Call 1-888-908-1845 or type your zip code in here, and we will connect you to a local hearing healthcare professional who can test your hearing and consult with you about what to do next.


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By Starkey Hearing