Too many farmers end up with hearing loss

Today’s stat, from a Cleveland Clinic article titled “8 Jobs That Lead to Hearing Loss and How to Prevent It”, doesn’t really need much commentary from us, though it did trigger a “huh, we didn’t really think of that” reaction when we first saw it. Other jobs on the list — like factory workers, musicians and construction workers — did not trigger that reaction.

But since yesterday was Earth Day and few careers rely on earth more than farmers, we thought it was worthy of today’s Hearing Fact Friday.

The article goes on to blame tractors for the loss, though proximity to lots of heavy equipment is realistically the culprit.

More than anything, we hope and expect the number goes down over time, since we — as a society — have become more aware than ever of proven hearing loss prevention measures and the importance of wearing hearing protection around loud sounds.

And, of course, treatment for hearing loss is also better than ever, as anyone who follows Starkey, consistently reads this blog, or has browsed our website should know. So if you are experiencing hearing loss — whether you’re a farmer or not — you can feel good knowing that help is available when you’re ready to hear better again.

If you’re ready now, we can help. Simply type your zip code in here and you’ll find a list of local hearing healthcare professionals who you can test your hearing and consult with about your options and what to do next.


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By Starkey Hearing