Treating hearing loss may help head off late-life depression

If you follow Starkey at all (via our website, this blog, or any of our social channels), you know that we always talk about how our hearing health is connected to our overall health and well-being. It’s because of hearing facts like today’s.

A study of Hispanic adults, 50 and older, found that hearing loss was associated with clinically depressive symptoms — and that the more severe the hearing loss, the more likely the participants were to have these depressive symptoms. A different study also linked hearing loss to increased risks of depression.

Based on this, researchers felt it was safe to conclude that treating hearing loss may head off late-life depression.

This study aligns with what we hear anecdotally from hearing aid wearers — that they’re happier and feel better when they can hear their best and more easily participate in events, activities and conversations.

Hearing your best also makes it easier to reconnect with friends and family, which, after the year we’ve just gone through, is high on the list of things we can’t wait to do! It’s also the focus of Better Hearing Month 2021.

If you’re dealing with hearing loss and are ready to do something about it to improve your quality of life, we can help. Simply type your zip code in here and you will get a list of local hearing healthcare professionals who can test your hearing and consult with you about possible treatment options.


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By Starkey Hearing